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Cornerstone Society

What's better than leaving a lasting legacy of giving even after you've gone? The Cornerstone Society honors visionaries who have left such a legacy by entrusting the Community Foundation with a planned gift that comes to fruition after their lifetime. A gift that ensures a brighter future for all of Frederick County.

This can be done in a variety of ways, including a bequest, charitable trust, charitable gift annuity, pooled income fund gifts, an estate or retirement plan, or a life insurance policy.

To learn more about how you can leave a lasting legacy of giving, please contact our President, Betsy Day, at (301) 695-7660, or by email.

Cornerstone Society Members

* deceased member

A Friend of the Community Foundation
Friends of the Community Foundation
Anonymous Donor #5*
Anonymous Donor #8
Anonymous Donor #10*
Anonymous Donor #11
Anonymous Donor #13
Anonymous Donor #14
Anonymous Donor #15
Anonymous Friend
Ann and Ric Adams
Ron and Bonnie Albaugh
Ms. Anne B. Allen
Arthur O. and Julane P. Anderson
Ms. Dorinne S. Armstrong
Mr. Nevin S. Baker*
Ms. Wanda Lou Baldwin
Mr. William Eugene "Gene" Barnhart*
Mr. George J. Barthel*
Audrey and Steve Bauman*
Joseph I. Berman, MD
Mr.* and Mrs. Glenn E. Biehl
Mr. L. Edward Blumenauer*
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Brady
Ms. Margaret Brandenburg*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Brault*
Dr. Robert E. and Linda S. Broadrup
Mr. William H. Browning, Jr.
J. Milton and Elsie Brunk*
Ms. N. Dola Burkentine
Ms. Frances W. Burlas
Mr. Joseph D. Byrd*
Mr. Marion D. Carmack, Jr.
Emily and John* Carnochan
John and Millie Cartee
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Cartwright
Robert F. and Elizabeth E. Cavanaugh*
Mr. and Mrs. John Cheatham*
Mr.* and Mrs. Dwight Collmus
Ms. Elmira B. Cook*
Mrs. Connie Cox Cook*
Mrs. Mattie H. Cornpropst*
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Cramer, Jr.*
Ms. Sandra Summers Crist*
Mr. William E. Cross*
Dan and Cindy Cunningham
Ms. Katharine E. Cutshall*
John and Kay Dallavalle
Ms. Virginia T. Dashiell*
Michael G. and Elizabeth Y. Day
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Doggett
Ms. Julie A. Donat
Mr. Lawrence A. Dorsey, Jr.*
Don Doughty* and Linda Moran
Dale Woolston Dowling
Mrs. Thelma B. Duvall*
Steve and Nancy Ebner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Elkins, Jr.*
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold E. Emmons
Mrs. Helen E. Erwin*
Ms. Dorothy L. Etzler
Mrs. Marybell Castle Everhart*
C. William and Christine Eyler
John and Annabelle Eyler*Mr. Donald Falconer*
Ms. Susan K. Favorite
Mrs. Karen Fetterly
Jay and Virginia* Fifer
Mr. Jim Filby*
Melvin E.* and Esther E. Filler
Alden E. and Harriet K. Fisher*
Ms. Anne S. Fisher
Mrs. Pauline Draper Fisher*
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fitzgerald
Paul and Gail Fitzgerald
Mr. David A. Fogle*
Miss Rhema Fogle*
Mr. Gene G. Gardner*
Miss Helen M. Gardner*
Harry George and Dee Dolan
Dr. John C. George
Ms. Eleanor A. Gerstenfeld
Ms. L. C. Gilbert*
Ms. Peggy L. Githerman
Bess and Frank* Gladhill
Mr. Richard M. Golling, Jr.
Mrs. Chase C. Gove*
Mrs. Dorothy M. Green
Mr. James M. Green
Mr. and Mrs.* Mark W. Grimes
Ms. Anne-Lynn Gross*
Mr. Daniel C. Guyton
Merle L. and R. Rebecca Guyton
Carlton B.and Darlene Lin-Oi* Haakinson
Rev. and Mrs. Theodore Haas
Ms. Elizabeth K. Hale
Ms. Gloria F. Hartman*
Andre C. Hayes and Regina W. Hayes
Ms. C. Sue Hecht
Hunt and Joan Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hendrickson, II
Mrs. Thelma T. Higuchi
Mrs. Irene Hogan
Charles and Teresa Hoke*
Mr. Amos Holter, Sr.*
Mrs. Betty Markey Hooper*
Mr. Robert G. Hooper
U. Mehrl and Margaret T. Hooper*
Ms. Jeane Hostetler
Robert and Virginia Houck
Mr. Forest Hough
Mr. Carroll D. House
Ms. Phyllis Hoyer
Mr. J. Richard Hudson, Sr.*
Mrs. Annette James
Mrs. Mary Michael Crewe Judge*
Robert E.* and Maureen M. Kallstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Kefauver
Mr. Guy Kelly*

Charles* and Janet King
Mr. Daniel J. Lajewski, Jr.
Rev. Albert K. Lane, III and Dayna L. Lane
Mr. Edgar "Bud" Larson*
Marvin and Bonnie* Laws
Mr. Harry J. Lebherz, II*
Mr. Richard Lebherz*
Mr. Chester M. Leishear*
Mr. Jack Leishear
Mr. Donald L. Lewis
Mr. Donald C. Linton
Mrs. M. Rebecca Linton
Mrs. Ann Burnside Love
Barry O. Lucey
Mrs. Eleanor F. Mackintosh
Mr. James W. Main*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Main*
Charles T. and Mary Ellen Main*
Mrs. Barbara D. Marmet*
Family and Friends of Frank Martz
Mrs. Sandy Mastrino
Mark A. and Angela L. Mayer
Mr. Richard T. Meagher
Mrs. Marty Mercer-Akre
Charles C. and Carol T. Mertz*
Ms. Janet L. Hahn Michael
Mr. Frederick M. Michel
Theresa "Tee" Michel
Ms. Charlotte Moran*
Ms. Robin Marie Morris
Robert and Winifred Mount
Dr. and Mrs. John Munson*
Mr. Calvin Murray*
Mrs. Mary Louise Musser
C. Rodman Myers
Ms. Margaret E. Myers*
Wayne C. and Margaret S. Neely*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicodemus
Mr. Roger F. Nicodemus*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. O'Brien*
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood T. Offutt, Sr.*
Mr. Linwood T. Offutt, Jr.*
Mrs. Nellie Page*
Mrs. Susan Palmer-Purtee
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Peters*
Richard and Patricia Petre
Col. and Mrs. Walter W. Plummer*
Mrs. Lucille H. Ponton*
Mrs. Betty Agatha Powell*
Mrs. Marguerite Quinn*
Mrs. Frances A. Randall
Dr. P. Gregory Rausch
Audrey Rayfield and John Stush
Richard and Betsy Reinders
Robert J. and Kathryn "Kitty" Reed*
Clarence and Jeanie Keller Reeder
Mrs. Colleen Remsberg
Mrs. Ramona Remsberg*
Ms. Martha L. Reynolds
Mr. Millard Rice*
Mrs. Libby F. Richards*
Don and Rosa Rippeon
Norman and Melissa "Missy"* Ross
Mrs. Rita Rourke*
Lawrence T. Bassett* and Terrence E. Ruppert
Mrs. Gloria J. Ryals
Mr. Calvin E. Sayler*
Mr. James Schmersahl
Wayne and Diane Shaff
Mrs. Alma Sharrer*
General Clair Wayne Shisler*
Mrs. Shirley Shores
Mrs. Marcy Shtatman
Mr. and Mrs. F. Lawrence Silbernagel, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Ann Simmons
Ms. Margaretta F. Slayman*
Dr. and Mrs. George I. Smith
Miss Mary E. M. Smith*
Miss Ruth E. Smith*
Mrs. Virginia Belle Smith*
David and Mary Snyder
Dr. Sonja Sperlich
Ms. Lois Noffsinger Spurrier
Mrs. Margaret S. Stauffer*
Miss Alice Jean Stine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stine*
Ms. Kathleen Baker Stine*
Mr. Frank G. Stoner*
Mr. H. Peter Storm
Mr. Charles C.T. Stull*
Mrs. Mary M. Stull*
Robert* and Lorraine Stup
Mr. Austin Summers*
Rob and Joyce Summers
Jane Talarico and Michael Paskowsky
Stephen and Jacquelyn Tate
Bob and Gina Taylor
Bob* and Millie Taylor
Harry and Leona Trout*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Trunk, III
Mr. Chris R. Tyree* and Dr. I. Blanche Bourne-Tyree
Mr. Edgar C. Virts, Jr.*
Kevin and Sara Wade*
Linda S. Walsh and William T. Dunkin
Mr.* and Mrs. Norman E. Waltz, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Deets Warfield, Jr.
Ms. Lynne M. Warner*
Ashley Waters
Mrs. Peggy Waxter
The Honorable and Mrs. William W. Wenner*
Mrs. Janis Miller Wertheimer*
Ms. Mary C. Willard*
Jeff and Marguerite Wilson
Ms. Arie L. Winebrener*
Mr. Harold B. Wright*
W. Meredith S. and Helen B. Young*
Clayton and Phebe Zimmerman*